We love coffee.  Not in a super geeky nerdy way.  In a Melburnian kind of laid back, sort of way.  Yes we use scales to weigh our coffee before and after extraction, because that’s important to make it taste good.  And yes we heat our whole milk to optimum temperature (around 65 degrees) as standard because that brings out the wonderful sweetness in our drinks.  But we’re not going to bore you with this detail when all you want to do is come in and sip on a latte while you read your paper.  And if you want your milk hotter or super hot we will oblige, just ask.

Our coffee menu

Hard as it is to admit we think the Aussies (and Melbourne in particular) have nailed it when it comes to coffee.  So we have shamelessly nicked their formula and tried to replicate it here.  A latte is a single shot in an 8oz Duralex glass, cappuccinos and flat whites double shots as standard in 7oz and 6oz Acme cups respectively.  No Starbucks type buckets of milk here.  And no coffee syrups, not because we’re snobs but because we think the coffee tastes amazing just with milk.

Origin Coffee

Our coffee comes from Origin coffee down the coast in Cornwall. We use their Pathfinder blend as our house espresso blend, which in their words is ‘syrupy sweet with vibrant berry and stone fruit notes’.  We like to change things up from time to time and feature various single origin coffees too, so pop in and see what we’re brewing.


For milk, we only offer whole milk for our dairy option (no skinny lattes). Why?  Whole milk just works better with coffee, bringing out the natural sweetness.  So doesn’t Marjorie care about your waistline? On the contrary, forward thinking nutritionists and health experts recommend whole milk instead of skimmed or semi skimmed. Whilst obviously higher in fat, whole milk contains less carbs and therefore less sugars and also keeps you fuller for longer therefore suppressing those mid morning hunger cravings.  Fat is an important food group, it’s just about consuming the right types of fat and in moderation!  For those avoiding dairy we offer Bonsoy Soy Milk and Almond Milk as dairy alternatives.

Our Coffee Machine

For those who care about these things, our pride and joy is a brand spanking La Marzocca Linea PB 2 group coffee machine.  We call him the Big M.



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